Market - an on-chain fund or syndicated loan in which specific parameters can be set (currency, fees, etc) and where deals go live (e.g. the FinTech Market)

Asset Manager - the entity that governs a market and its stakeholders (investors + borrowers)

Liquidity Provider - accredited investors that provide capital into the liquidity pool

Underwriter - accredited investors that evaluate and invest in tranches of specific deals

Borrower - FinTech's, Non-bank loan originators, or other corporates who get credit facilities via one of the Markets

Deal - single credit facility with specific tranches & repayment schedules configurations

Liquidity pool - a pool of capital that automatically invests in the senior tranche of all deals within a market

Tranche Token - A token representing the underwriter's stake in the junior/mezzanine tranche of a specific deal

LP Token - token provided to liquidity providers reflecting the net asset value of the liquidity pool of a specific market

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