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Product in few words
Credix is the first decentralized capital markets ecosystem designed for debt financing and credit. We are building the future of global credit markets.
What is Credix?
Credix introduces a decentralized debt capital markets ecosystem where asset originators can tokenize and securitize their assets, and subsequently finance them through decentralized credit markets. Transforming ordinarily illiquid assets into more liquid ones. Digital Asset Institutions and traditional private credit institutions can now access digital real-world assets investment opportunities through a capital-efficient, programmable global infrastructure. The underlying blockchain technology can take on core functions such as custody, registry, and settlement, eliminating the need for rent-seeking actors. This is resulting in a lower cost of capital, and a more efficient and transparent process.
How can I participate in Credix?
  • Participating as a liquidity provider. A diversified and passive investment strategy to get access to private credit opportunities. Your investment is allocated to all senior tranches of all deals within a market.
  • Participating as an underwriter. Our active; high-return, higher-risk, investment strategy. You allocate your investment in specific mezzanine/junior tranches of deals.
  • Participating as a borrower. If you are a FinTech lending company you can receive debt financing from the Credix platform.


Who can get a loan?
High-quality credit FinTechs and loan originators in emerging countries looking for debt financing to grow their loan portfolio. Want to know if your business is eligible? Apply here today: !
How do you manage collateral requirements?
Our protocol does not require pledging (crypto) collateral. Our protocol and deal structure is backed by off-chain legal contracts and real-world assets (loans, receivables, cars, etc.) as collateral.
How do you hedge FX risk
To mitigate the risk of currency devaluation we support our borrowers to purchase FX hedging instruments with local partners (e.g. banks) and/or technology companies. In the future Credix will provide decentralised hedging instruments directly to the borrowers.
How do you screen borrowers and what if they don't repay
Credix conducts the initial due diligence on all borrowers before they are allowed to the platform. The underwriting itself happens by our backers (e.g. accredited investors). Credix provides due diligence information such as company financials, loan book performance, etc.
All on-chain deals are backed by off-chain contracts representing collateral requirements and default procedures.


Who can invest in the Credix platform?
Accredited/institutional investors (HNIs, PEs, HF, FIs) can invest in the fintech deals’ junior and senior tranches. Do you qualify, apply here:
Is there / will there be a token?
Currently there is no token. Credix will issue governance tokens in a later stage of the platform.


Why build on Solana?
Solana was built from scratch, optimizing for scalability and speed from day 0. This translates into an unparalleled number of transaction per seconds and the lowest fees out there. Furhtermore, developers leverage RUST to build smart contracts. Rust is performant but secure (memory safety if you want to be precise) at the same time. Solana’s ecosystem consists of 5000+ total projects, growing an organic community of users and developers. Lastly; Credix has a first mover advantage; being the first DeFi protocol linking the Solana ecosystem to the real-world economy.
How do you secure the protocol?
Our protocol features several layers of security measures:
  • Automated audits powered by the Soteria software
  • Manual audits by partners such as Halborn and Certik
  • Credix only allows KYC/KYB’d investors/borrowers to interact with the protocol (this is enforced on chain by Civic). Furthermore; the stakeholders should have an on-chain Credix pass (= whitelisting)
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