Getting USDC on Solana

Crypto Exchange for on/off ramp

In order to start investing in the Credix platform, you will need USDC-SPL. USDC is a stable coin, issued by Circle, backed 1-1 with fiat USD, and it exists on multiple blockchains. As Credix builds on the Solana blockchain, you need to get "Solana USDC", also called USDC-SPL. There are several exchanges that support USDC-SPL:

Create an account at the exchange of your choice, debit your account with fiat (most of those exchanges support most major currencies), and swap to USDC. Some exchanges mention "USDC Solana" explicitly, whilst others just state "USDC".

Creating a Solana wallet and sending your USDC

The next step is that you need a Solana-based wallet. The most popular wallets are Phantom and Solflare, but you're free to choose one that fits your needs. A full guide on how to set up a phantom wallet + use it can be found here:

Once you have USDC-SPL on an exchange and a wallet on Solana, you have to copy the public key of your wallet and initiate a transfer on the exchange to this public key. Start with a small amount to test and then transfer the full amount.

Start Investing 🎉

Follow our Investor onboarding guide and start investing!

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